Student By Day, Mascot By Night


Courtesy of Savannah Negron

The beloved mascot of Cypress Creek high school, Colby the Cougar, represents all the school stands for: honor, responsibility, and most importantly fun. Since last year’s mascot graduated, the role has been vacant and in need of filling. Jake McDonald (9) arose to the challenge and has pledged to bring the iconic presence of Colby the Cougar back to the field for the 2020-2021 school year.
Transferring into high school, an environment with increased pressure, harder classes, and new faces is often hard to adjust to. However, McDonald feels as though he is prepared to take on the challenges facing him.
A large part of being the school mascot deals with personality. Mascots need to be able to hype up crowds and make the event more exciting. Through his self-proclaimed kind, humorous and outgoing personality, McDonald believes the position fits him well.
“I just love to be funny. I love to make people laugh, and I love to be silly,” McDonald said. A mascot is only as good as their personality that being said, personality is definitely a requirement– and while personality is something everyone is born with, it is something that McDonald is not lacking in.
McDonald had never thought of being the school mascot until his mother, Counselor Wendy McDonald suggested the role to him. After hearing about the position, McDonald could not imagine passing up the opportunity.
“When they had asked me I was very excited, I really wanted to do it cause it sounded fun to just be out there and have fun,” Jake McDonald said.

Though Mcdonald loves representing Creek through being the mascot, he faces a few downsides that come with the title. When on the field as Colby, Jake McDonald experiences discomfort in wearing the suit for long periods of time and often gets overheated.
“It’s extremely hot, a little baggy, and the smell is a little funky. I’m used to it though. Usually, before I put on the suit I spray that keeps me cool cause it gets hot in there, and I also wear a short-sleeve shirt and I also wear shorts,” Jake McDonald said.
Through becoming this year’s mascot, Mcdonald has thoroughly elevated his Freshman experience. Although the job has a few downsides, Mcdonald looks past them and makes the most of his time spent playing Colby.
“It’s been really fun and is totally worth it because the experience I have while I’m out is just so great and fun, I love it,” Jake McDonald said.