Orchestra Regionals


photo by: Audrey Cahak

After practicing their music all summer, orchestra students of all grade levels show off their skills at the region allstate auditions. On October 13th, Cy Creek orchestra attended region level auditions at Spring Branch Middle School.

Sophomore viola player Quoc Nguyen practiced about two hours a day to prepare for this audition. Even though Nguyen did not make region last year, his practice and determination got him through this year’s audition.

Any student that has auditioned would agree that the process has multiple ups and downs. When not actually in the audition room, an auditioner spends a majority of their time simply waiting. Either waiting to audition or waiting to get the results at the end of the day, Nguyen said this remains the worst part by far.

“The best part however,” Nguyen said. “Is definitely when you get the results.”

Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) takes the allstate process very seriously, and works to make sure all judges treat their performers without bias. All students perform behind a curtain, so the judges must go completely based off of sound.

Sophomore violin player Donovin McClain, who made the region level audition, practiced at least a hour a day in preparation for this year.

“They send you to a school and you get your excerpts and you have like two minutes to warm up. Then you play in front of blind judges,” McClain said. “After that you just sit down and wait until your results come in.”

Although stressful, auditioning can often help a performer more than practicing.

“You get the experience of playing in front of people, and that’s a very good thing to have,” McClain said. “Especially if you are going to go into the performing arts.”

On November 17th, students who made the region level orchestra will perform at Bridgeland High School after an all day clinic and rehearsal. Nerves can make or break a performance, and often push students away from taking chances and trying things like auditioning.

“I never miss the opportunity,” McClain said. “I always go for it, it doesn’t matter.”