Victorious Volleyball



Cy Creek’s Varsity Volleyball team is on the road to making Cougar history after beating Fair for the first time in 2 years with a score of 15 to 13 after five nail biting sets. Junior Varsity player Allie Evans-Brooks said she felt all eyes on her as she stepped up to serve the winning point for the girls.

“The minute I saw the ball drop I knew it was in,” Evans-Brooks said. “I was so very excited and proud that we beat an undefeated team in our district. It was the best feeling I have ever felt in my volleyball career.”  

As the team prepares for playoffs they expect nothing less than victory if they continue to withhold the great communication and teamwork they have displayed all season.

“I’m excited for playoffs I think we stand a really good chance to take it all,”  Evans-brooks said. “Our team chemistry is so strong we can definitely pull it out as long as we stay focused.”

The girls feel the pressure as the whole school rallies behind them to watch them take the road to victory. After not making playoffs last year tensions remain high in anticipation for their big comeback. Senior Reese Herbert can barely contain her excitement to go to playoffs and feels more than ready after last week’s great win.

“I feel so confident going into playoffs especially after beating Fair. This is Creek’s first time going to playoffs in years so we are ready to battle,” Herbert said. “We have worked for this all season, the girls and I are super excited and can’t wait for game one.”

The first round of playoffs takes place this Tuesday October 30th as the girls in blue take on the undefeated Westside Wolves at Delmar stadium. Herbert is so grateful her last year does not have to end just yet.

“I love all of the girls on the team we really connect and always have so much fun,” Herbert said. “I wouldn’t want any other team to spend my last year with.”