Senior donates blood


Photo by: Jimmy Pacheco

Senior Henry Trinh pictured.

Story by: Jimmy Pacheco, Sports Editor

Seconds before walking into the gym, he finally gets his chance. He walks up to the door feeling anxious, opens the door and begins to give back what’s in his heart.

For the third time in his four years of high school, senior Henry Trinh donated blood on Sept. 25  in the blood drive hosted by HOSA.

“At first I felt anxious, because I felt sudden fear when I thought about needles injecting inside me,” he said. “But I calmed down after realizing how many people I would be saving.”

When the nurses took him to fill out paperwork, Trinh said he stayed as optimistic as possible while thinking about the injections.

“At first I felt anxious because I felt a sudden fear when I thought  about needles injecting inside me but I calm down thinking about the people I’m saving,” Trinh said.

Though Trinh was feeling nervous, he said that he cleared his thoughts before he started to think of things that could go wrong.

“When I was laying on the bed all I could think of was just clearing my mind to relax,” he said. “The nurse asked how my day was and proceeded on with putting the needle into my arm.”

The nurse came back with the needle and Trinh said he prepared for that moment.

“When the needle was injected into my arm, it felt like a sting,” he said.

Afterwards, when that pain was all gone, Trinh said nothing felt more selfless than helping the people in need.

“I plan to donate more blood in the future, because I want to help save more lives,” he said.