Mr. Cy Creek, fresh and ‘Crisp’

Story by: Chloe Trejo, Sports Editor

Chaos fills the room. The Silverado directors Christy Groschke and Ryan Garcia, with help from theater department students, run around to fix the lighting, sound and prepare the contestants. With little to no time left, Groschke and Garcia take care of all last-minute preparations. The lights drop and the spotlight shines. The show begins now.

The Silverados presented the seventh annual Mr. Cy Creek male beauty pageant on Dec. 5. After competing against other juniors and seniors, senior James Crisp won the title of Mr. Cy Creek.

“It’s weird I feel like they’re about to break me and say ‘ha ha joke’s on you, you didn’t actually win,’” Crisp said.

The pageant began with an opening song and dance from the contestants along with their escorts.

“It was fun, we all bonded and had a great time,” junior Amaya Garcia, who escorted Jordan Colglianese said.

After the group performance, along with a special performance from the cheerleaders, the swimwear section of the competition began.

“I [was] really excited, because [Harland Ashby and I dressed] up like a hula girl and a tiki guy,” senior Amy Weinberg said.

While the contestants changed and prepared for the next part of the competition, the Silverados performed their holiday dance.

“It’s exciting but nerve-wracking because we’ve practiced a lot but it’s different when you stand on stage in front of a whole bunch of people,” junior Silverado Jasmine Villarreal said.

The contestants then competed in the talent portion of the pageant.

“It felt great. I was a little nervous at first but once the crowd got into it I felt better and sang away,” senior Stephen Einkauf said.

In the last portion of the pageant, the contestants competed showing off their best formal wear look with their escorts by their side.

“[I was] really excited because all of the dresses [were] gorgeous and all the guys [looked] so good,” senior Chelsi Medrano said.

At the end of the pageant, parent Wade Wendt, Groschke and Garcia announced the awards of the night. 2013 Mr. Cy Creek winner Tyler Huff crowned the winner this year.

“Honestly I can’t believe it,” Crisp said. “I just can’t contain it.”