“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Soars to Streaming

“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” will serve as Disney’s second major Marvel Cinematic Universe television series hosted on Disney Plus. The show will release it’s episodes once a week each Friday in classic Disney Plus fashion, for a span of six episodes. Fans can access the show with a Disney Plus membership, but are still limited to one episode a week much like “WandaVision.” It is unclear whether “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is scheduled to stream multiple seasons, or take after its predecessor, “WandaVision,” and be a one season show.
In the show, two reluctant Marvel Superheroes Sam Wilson and Buckey Barnes, (Falcon and the Winter Soldier respectively) team up in carrying on the legacy and protection of the now elderly, Capitan America. In the final scenes of “Avengers Endgame,” the elderly Capitan America hands off his infamous shield to his friend Sam Wilson, and tasks him as being his replacement for the years to come. This is where episode one picks up, as Sam and Cap’s best friend Bucky Barnes come to the realization that America needs a new protector, and it is their responsibility to fulfill that role. The duo’s main threat, introduced in the first episode, is a new villain organization by the name of “The Flag Smashers.” The Flag Smashers are new to the MCU but the organization has made several previous appearances in Marvel Comics as a relentless adversary of Captain America.
Disney plus plans to release 12 more MCU based shows similar to “WandaVision” and “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” in a simultaneous timeline. The shows remain exclusive to Disney Plus and will be available to all subscribers. Each new show release is a part of the Marvel Universe’s post Endgame, “phase 4” where Disney plans to take the focus off of their movie based approach, and instead will use TV formatted shows to advance the MCU storyline. As of now, fans are excited to see a new style of entertainment from the MCU, and hope these shows will provide a continuation for the storylines they fell in love with.