It’s Game Time

On February 25, PlayStation held their first State of Play of 2021. Ten games were announced over the gaming conference that were coming to the PlayStation5 and PlayStation4. Let’s take a deeper dive into the games discussed in State of Play.
1. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time
“Crash Bandicoot” comes to the PS5 with upgraded specs and play ways made specifically for the next generation console. Toys For Bob announced that they targeted getting the game to 4K with 60 frames per seconds. They also added adaptive triggers and 3D audio to allow players to be immersed in the world of Crash and the gang. Another amazing spec added was the reduced time in the loading screens because everyone hates having the swirling circle of slow loading screens.
2. Returnal
Housemarque gave an exclusive look at their new video game, “Returnal”, coming to the PS5 in late April. “Returnal” is a third person shooter psychological horror game, where the player takes the role of Selene, an astro scout, who crash lands on an alien planet. Players will have to navigate their way through the dark, alien inhabited planet in order to find answers as to what is going on. Housemarque stated that players will have to get used to a fast paced fight strategy because combat is extremely difficult in the game. However, do not fear because dying is only the beginning since Selene is trapped in a time loop, and everytime you respawn the map itself changes and nothing is the same as it was before.
3. Knockout City
Created by indie game developers Velan Studios, “Knockout City” is a fun multiplayer game of dodgeball coming to the PS4. In the 1v1 face off games players will try to get each other while trying to stay inside of the continuously shrinking battleground until one winner emerges. In the 3v3 Team KO games players can team up to get the win. There are many interactive maps that players can use tubes to hide, sneak up, or run away from their opponents. Once getting the hang of the game you can learn how to make cool trick shots in order to get a win in style. If a player ever finds themself without a dodgeball in Team KO mode it’s okay because players can transform into the ball in a last chance effort. Catch “Knockout City” coming to PS4 on May 21, 2021.
4. Sifu
Developers Sloclap revealed their new martial arts inspired game “Sifu”. While the game is not a PlayStation exclusive, and will be available on PC, it still stood out in the lineup of games spoken upon. With the beautiful art style and a storyline surrounded around getting revenge “Sifu” looks like a promising game to play in 2021.
5. Solar Ash
An adventure game from Heart Machine, “Solar Ash” quickly became one of the most talked about games from State of Play. Why? Because of the beautiful, vibrant world the game takes place in, and the fluidity of the game itself. Heart Machine expressed that the game was built for the play to always be set in motion, and the mechanics were built to make the game feel smooth to players, “At its core Solar Ash is a game about movement” Heart Machine said. Players will play as Ray, a daring void runner who is traveling into a blackhole known as the Ultra Void in order to save her homeworld from being destroyed. Beware because along Ray’s journey she faces many giant monstrous creatures who threaten her end goal. Catch “Solar Ash” coming to PS5 and PS4 later this year.
6. Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach
“Security Breach” is the official 12th game in the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” game series. This game comes two years after the last game release “Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery”. “Security Breach” is the first “Five Nights at Freddy’s” game that is made specifically for consoles. The game features new animatronics and some old ones who have been revamped to fit the games theme. The map of the game seems enormous and this is the first time players get free range in a Fazbear environment. Not to mention the graphics look absolutely stunning compared to the first “Five Nights at Freddy’s” release. Creator Scott Cawthon should be proud of the release of the 12th game in his hit game series.
7. Oddworld: Soulstorm
“Oddworld: Soulstorm” heads to PlayStation Plus, but as a timed exclusive for PS5. Even though the game will be released on PC and Xbox, the PS5 version will be available before for Plus members. The game is a continuation of the 2014 “Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!” game. Players will once again play as Abe, “Soulstorm’s” protagonist as he ventures to save more of his kind, the Mudokons, from the Mollusks. Catch “Oddworld: Soulstorm” in April this year.
8. Kenna Bridge of Spirits
This highly anticipated game got the time to shine during State of Play. While the trailer focused more on the storyline, viewers did get a few looks at the gameplay. Although fans only caught peak of the gameplay, the trailer did its job of setting up anticipation for its release which is set for August 24, 2021. While that seems like a long time, remember that more information about the game will continue to be released until the game is out to the world. Another thing fans should be excited for is that two versions will be released, a standard and a deluxe version. The details about each version have not been released yet at this time.
9. Deathloop
Arkane studios revealed the trailer for their new first person action-adventure game “Deathloop”. Just like “Returnal” the game’s protagonist, Colt, is stuck in a never ending time loop where dying is just the beginning. The game takes place on Blackreef, a lawless island that is filled with chaos. However it is clear something, or someone, is controlling the events happening on Blackreef, and that is what Colt is trying to figure out. What made “Deathloop” a stand out game is the trailer’s mix of actual gameplay and the storyline that was voiced over it. On top of the fact that the background music to the trailer matched perfectly with the aesthetic of the game making in the cherry on top of the cake. “Deathloop” will be released for PS5 on May 21, 2021.
10. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
The 2020 hit game “Final Fantasy VII Remake” that was a hit on the PS4 gets an upgrade for the PS5. The upgrades come with a multitude of effects being made to fit the PS5 next gen mechanics. Added to this is a cool photo mode for players to snap moments in the game they will never forget. The photo mode update will be free to players who own the game on the PS4 already. Now this is not just an update for the quality of the game but on the PS5 release as well there will be a new episode featuring “Final Fantasy” favorite Yuffie. Fans have already begun speculating if this episode will leave hints at the “Final Fantasy VIII Remake” which is the next game to be released following “FF VII Remake”.
Overall, State of Play introduced many promising games that look to keep PlayStation as the top console right now. Their competitors Microsoft and Nintendo will definitely have to catch up on releasing their own exclusive games this year if they want to have a successful 2021.