Hello Kitty Says “Hello!” To Animal Crossing

The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Hello Kitty universe, better known as Sanrio collaboration, will be making its debut in the United States as it has previously been available in select regions like Japan and the EU, on March 26. The 1.9 update, which is needed to unlock these new features, will be released on March 18.
When it comes out, Animal Crossing players will be able to decorate their islands and homes with adorable Sanrio inspired items and furniture, get new outfits, and collect new villagers. The new items will include outfits and accessories, along with Sanrio themed furniture. There will also be special items.
There are six new inhabitants inspired by Sanrio that are available to collect. The first villager is Rilla, a gorilla inspired by Hello Kitty. Her furniture will have a white, blue, and red color scheme, along with items with Hello Kitty’s face on them.
Marty the bear is inspired by Pompompuri. His set includes dessert themed furniture with an orange and brown color theme. A special item that comes with him is an end table with a pile of sweets.
Étoile the sheep is inspired by the Twin Stars, Kiki and Lala. Her color scheme is mostly pink, blue, and purple. Étoile’s set stands out from the others because it’s less focused on the character and more on the character’s aesthetic of stars, clouds, and pastel colors.
Chai, a peppy elephant with a teacup hat, is inspired by the character, Cinamoroll. The furniture has a more cozy theme, with various items like a couch and teacup with Cinnamoroll’s face on them.
Chelsea is a normal deer villager inspired by My Melody. Her color palette is pink, red, and white. Because her and her aesthetic is based off of My Melody, the theme of her set is hearts and bunnies. A special item that comes with Chelsea is a bunny bed with a My Melody backboard.
The sixth and last villager is a smug rabbit villager inspired by the character Kerokerokeropi. His set comes with lots of Japanese inspired items, including a Shoji bench and Japanese garden inspired bridge.
The new Amiibo Sanrio x Animal Crossing card packs will only be available at Target for $6.