Clubs at Creek


Courtesy of Yearbook

With more than 60 after school clubs and activities offered, getting involved at Creek is made easy. With clubs ranging from film, to sports, to volunteering, there are many opportunities for students to get engaged in community and explore their interests.

With so many volunteering based clubs at Creek, students have the opportunity to give back to their communities. Clubs such as Key Club, Interact, and HEAT offer a chance to volunteer. Through these clubs, members have the chance to earn a substantial amount of volunteer hours which will surely help with college applications and applying for clubs that require volunteer hours such as National Honor Society.

Creek also has many academic clubs to help explore STEM based interests. National Honor Society, Rho Kappa, and Science National Honor Society are all excellent examples of how to get involved more academically. These clubs offer the opportunity to learn more about their respective subjects by going to competitions, practicing, and challenging the mind. Along with more of an understanding for these subjects, National Honor Societies also provides students the chance to graduate with a cord proving involvement in the club.

With many students taking classes online, finding information about clubs has become a little more difficult, however not impossible. Many clubs have social media accounts such as Instagram, hang posters on Main Street, and advertise on the TV’s during lunch. These advertisements will tell you everything you need to know about when, where, and how to join that club.


For more information visit the school website.