Amongst the Hype

Through the increasingly popular social media app Tik Tok, spreading information about topics ranging from world news to the newest trend has become easier and easier. Most recently, the video game “Among Us,” rose to fame on the app with clips of strategy and gameplay gaining views and likes.

In the game, crewmates aboard a spaceship run around the map to complete tasks in order to keep the ship working. However, while this may seem like a fun and innocent game, it’s quite the opposite. Aboard the ship, an imposter lies among the crewmates and terrorizes the ship by killing players and sabotaging tasks. 

Recently, Among Us has grown in popularity amongst friend groups, proving to be the best way to spend time with friends while in the middle of a pandemic. Family and friends can play from the safety of their homes while still being able to interact and have fun as if they were in person.

Due to the rising popularity of the game, the creators have cancelled the sequel they originally planned to release later this year, and instead have pledged to improve the original version. This is most likely due to the unexpected popularity of the game, encouraging improvement of the existing version rather than making a new one.

Among Us provides not only fun, but a safe way for people to interact with one another during the remainder of the global pandemic. Players get to experience a new feel to classic murder mystery games while putting their detective skills to the test. Among Us can be found on Google Play and the App Store.