“Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare” by K-putt is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


Another year, Another Call of Duty game. However, this year developer Infinity Ward decided to return to their roots, bringing Call of Duty’s setting to the modern day. With the change in setting comes a shift in the tone of the story. Separating itself from previous entries in the series, COD: Modern Warfare depicts relevant issues with an all too real approach to the combat scenarios players are placed in. One mission in particular has been highlighted as an example of the game going too far in the depiction of violence and terroism. On the multiplayer side, the game continues with the Call of Duty formula that worked for so long. The multiplayers lack of evolution from previous installments does not necessarily detract from the experience; the game still nails the fluid shooting mechanics people expect from Call of Duty each year. Ultimately Call of Duty Modern Warfare achieves exactly what it sets out to do; the game sports fantastic graphics and gameplay.