There’s No Place Like Home(coming)


Photo Courtesy to: Sammy Howard


High schools celebrate homecoming in order to show school spirit and unite a community. The student body contributes to dress up days throughout the week leading up to the day of the homecoming game. Most students will decorate mums or garters with school colors and wear them the day of the game. Cy creek has a well known student section that contains a lively and spirited feeling. The whole week gives a chance for students to join together and show as much school spirit as possible. 


The homecoming dance allows freshmen a new experience, and some might not know what to expect from homecoming. Freshman Amari Jordan looks forward to her first homecoming. Most freshmen are most looking forward to the homecoming game because of creeks well known student section.


“ I’m just excited to experience everything because i’m a freshman and this is my first time being in high school and getting the high school experience.”Jordan said 


As the freshmen get ready for their first homecoming the seniors are preparing for their last. The year for them to run for homecoming king or queen, to stand in front of the student section and to make this homecoming one to remember. Senior Taylor Clack has so much school spirit and finds joy in going to homecoming.


“My favorite part of homecoming is the loud music, the whole vibe of homecoming is just amazing. What i’m going to miss about it is dancing till i get a headache” Clack said.