Swinging into Action: A Spider-Man Review


Marvel’s friendly neighborhood superhero takes action in the new PlayStation exclusive, Spider-Man, that was released on September 7th. Swinging to the top of the charts, Insomniac Games produces the first adventure superhero game since Batman: Return to Arkham in 2016. It has broken numerous records, selling precisely 3.3 million copies in just three days and without a doubt on the road for game of the year.

Fighting crime and perching on skyscrapers, Insomniac gives the people a memorable story as they swing through the city of New York, but the game holds more than the adventure. Along with the action-packed sector, Spider-man also contains a colorful gallery of costumes for the cosmetic appeal. With 28 distinct costumes in total, the player achieves them all throughout the game unlocking one by one with a unique feature. Defending citizens against enemies in style stands as one of the highlights of the game. With an array of suits, and more to come in the announced Downloadable Content (DLC), fans will continue playing until they unlock them all.  

Playing Spider-man and living as Spider-man remain two different things. Through the actions and self-made choices, players experience Spider-man as themselves and the rush of seeking out school backpacks that linger all over the city holding personal items, the opportunity as a superhero and school-kid grants enjoyable. Each backpack item sparks a memory in the thoughts of Peter Parker allowing for a generous look into his past. As a superhero, missions prove inevitable. Completing certain side missions in the game benefit the player because it gives the them tokens which serves as a needed item to unlock Spidey suits.

The game holds more than just a good story, some action and adventure. Spider-man has a variety of attributes that should appeal to the fans. Rising to the top and holding the spot, the exclusive has not failed the fans yet. One does not simply play Spider-man in this game, but lives as Spider-man.