Trendy Foods

From vegan burgers that bleed to sushi in a pastry, here are some of the strangest food trends from the past couple of years.

As people continue to post their food pictures on Instagram, the food industry has to get more creative with what they put out.



  • The Impossible Burger


As more people switch to meatless diets, many restaurants and companies feel obligated to offer more vegan and vegetarian options. For example, a 100% vegan burger, that seems almost exactly like the traditional patty. The patty has been made to look, feel, sizzle and even “bleed” like a normal beef one, but it does not have any meat in it. The “bleeding” effect comes from a soy root known as leghemoglobin, as well as wheat and potato proteins to give the texture of a classic meat burger.



  • Gold food


From chicken wings and sushi to donuts and ice cream, gold food has certainly caused some double-takes as it spread across social media. A restaurant in New York started covering their chicken wings with a 24 karat gold leaf, and a wave of gold food hit the nation. Chefs everywhere sprinkled, flaked, dusted, and coated this luxury on any food they could. Surprisingly, gold has little to no effect on the flavor of the food and will do no harm when consumed.



  • Crossushi


Sushi in a croissant probably deserves the title as the weirdest food on this list. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Los Angeles takes the credit for this interesting mashup. Many people know them for their other croissant foods, such as the Cruffin, a mix of croissant and muffin, and the Croloaf, a croissant the size of a loaf of bread; but this one trumps them all. It even comes with soy sauce for dipping.



  • Stretchy Ice Cream


Often just called “Stretchy Ice Cream,” Booza hit the US in mid 2018 and immediately became a fan favorite. Developed about 500 years ago in areas around the Mediterranean, many claim this form of ice cream as the oldest. It has an elastic-like texture and should have a smoother, denser taste. After Snapchat did a story on this odd dessert, it started blowing up across all social media. It comes in about 17 flavors with everything from strawberry and rocky road, to gochujang (a spicy Korean paste) and lucuma (a sweet, maple-like flavored fruit from Chile.)



  • Liquid Nitrogen Desserts


Although some may call liquid nitrogen-infused ice cream old news, it still seems to amaze everyone who tries it. With its popularity, later came a new frozen treat known as Dragon’s Breath. People make this by simply dipping cereal in liquid nitrogen. When the consumer puts a ball in their mouth, it gives off vapors that look like smoke, thus the name. Although this dessert blew up online, the FDA has released several warnings stating that it may not be safe to eat.