Call of Duty WWII Review

Ryan Selldin

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October 6, 2017

On November 3rd, “Call of Duty WWII” launched. The Call of Duty franchise has been in a drought, losing many of its fans after a disappointing three years. Sledgehammer Games took Call of Duty back to its roots, making new changes and additions to the three Game Modes; Multiplayer, Campaign and Zombies.


Campaign (Story Mode)

Every year the campaign seems to fall behind multiplayer and zombies, but this year it has the chance to gain more attention. The past campaigns have not been very exciting, but World War II’s campaign exceeded expectations. Sledgehammer did a great job of recreating World War II by making the players go through the hard times the soldiers had to go through fighting the Axis Powers back towards the Rhine.



Sledgehammer revived the Call of Duty franchise by listening to the community and giving them what they want.The developers created a new mode called Headquarters where players can spend time between games in an interactive environment. Players can show off their gear, weapons, rankings and skill within the 1V1 pit and shooting range. The multiplayer seems to impress the community once again with the new game modes, maps and endless fun fighting against the enemies.



Zombies brings a co-op mode that people can play with their friends and fight against the endless waves of the zombie horde. This year also brings a faster paced game than the previous installments. Sledgehammer added more horror to zombies than ever before which has the players on the edge of their seats.