Top free date ideas for Valentine’s Day

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As high school students, everybody knows the constant struggle of having little or no money throughout the year. These examples will give some inspiration to help dating while on a budget on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Build a blanket fort – Gather old sheets and kitchen chairs,  and bring them into the living room to make a cozy house to watch movies and eat popcorn.
  2. Go on a hiking adventure – Enjoy the fresh air and nature on a walk through a park, or have a picnic for a fun day while basking in the sunshine.
  3. Take a whole day off to try geocaching – geocaching has grown extremely popular, with the free online app that takes participants on a wild hunt for treasures. Done by means of GPS coordinates, this takes a date to a whole new level of fun.
  4. Visit a puppy shelter – With furry friends galore, admire the new pups all day long. Try not to get too attached because one’s partner  might end up spending money and unexpectedly bringing a new member to the family home.
  5. Watch an outdoor movie – Project the movie on a screen in the backyard or drive downtown and find a free show at night. This date continues to remain a classic
  6. Take a little road trip and go stargazing – Venture out into the country and admire the beautiful stars. This ensures not only a romantic date but great free entertainment.
  7. Junking – Wake up early on a Saturday morning and raid the neighbourhood. Go to all the garage sales possible, look through people’s old recyclable items and maybe even purchase one or two.
  8. Have a bookstore scavenger hunt – Arrange a series of tasks to complete as they come upon each clue and leave a book recommendation with a note for the next one. This offers a great opportunity to learn about one another as well as play an exciting game.
  9. Have a “Chopped” competition with the leftovers in the fridge – Finished binge watching “Chopped”? Make it into a game. Clean out the fridge and start the clock for 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, try each other’s dishes and decide the winner.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen – Bond over helping others by volunteering at the Red Cross or another volunteer organization.