Bill Nye the productive guy

Bill Nye will enter the world of television once again with his new show “Bill Nye Saves the World” in the Spring of 2017. In recent years, Bill Nye has been the leading advocate for rational thought and scientific thinking across the U.S.  

Bill Nye the Science Guy will release a brand new show on Netflix in which he debunks everyday science myths. The show will feature an array of guest speakers and scientists to help educate the people of today. Considering how the show will use experiments, Nye’s charming way of elaborating on everyday science subjects and the support of a long time dedicated fan base, this can signify that the show will triumph over other science-themed shows.

Many high school and college students remember Bill Nye fondly. The scientist has spent the past years doing charitable work, making appearances, and even debating Ken Ham over the controversial creationism theory. He has built a presence on the internet and fans have done nothing but grow to love Nye even more.

In the past, Bill Nye hosted the show “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” The show lasted a whopping five years, from 1993-1998, which gives some credible evidence that consumers can expect Nye’s new Netflix special to last, at the very least, a few seasons. The show seems very promising and certainly will help ignite interest in science for all generations.