Summer 2k16 leaving its mark

Top five trends of the summer

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His Last Stand
April 1, 2017

Pokemon Go

Obviously Pokemon Go made one of the biggest impacts on everyone’s summer. The exciting, new, virtual game has only gained more hype since its release. The race to catch the most Pokemon, the battle between teams, the interesting take on a virtual reality and the fact that the game requires a person to get up and actually do something has made the game more popular amongst all age groups. At this rate, by the end of summer, Pokemon Go will have become a major part of everyone’s daily summer routine.


“Finding Dory”

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, people have finally gotten their sequel to “Finding Nemo.” Almost every kid who grew up with “Finding Nemo” as a go-to movie had “Finding Dory” on their to-watch list, and for those who haven’t seen it: the movie did a great job of expanding on the bubbly world Disney created and brought back some great childhood memories.


Ongoing presidential race

Even for those not able to vote in this upcoming presidential election, the ongoing presidential race has made an impact on everyone. People have created memes, videos and so much more to represent their ideas and thoughts about the upcoming election. It does not matter if a person is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine or anything else; they cannot escape the infestation of presidential memes that fill their social media feed.


Recall on Hoverboards

Honestly, everyone should have seen this coming. The horror stories of hoverboards blowing up while being charged or being ridden only raise suspicions about the safety of these devices. Besides, they don’t actually deserve the name of “hoverboard” since they do not actually go off the ground. Regardless, the major recall on all of the devices brought a frown to almost everyone’s face.


Vine introduces longer videos

While this definitely was not one of the largest events of the summer it made a surprisingly huge impact on a lot of people. For some people the extended videos offers a larger look into their favorite internet comedian’s work. For most though, the joy of only watching a 60 second video – having a person make them laugh within that time span – has been destroyed.