How to get the perfect summer photo

Libby Sullivan

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April 1, 2017

With Summer in the air and a new sense of freedom coming to students across the nation, everyone seems to have taken on a new challenge for the summer – the perfect picture. Students’ Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat fill up with only the best pictures, and the race for the best Summer photo feed commences. So, here are a few tips to help students accomplish the perfect summer photo.


Take the risk

Do whatever it takes to be the best. If getting that perfect shot of the Grand Canyon means bungee jumping into it, or if wanting a great arial shot of Hawaii means skydiving, do not hesitate. Hesitation shows weakness, and the weak will not survive in the contest of the greatest photo feed.


From sunrise to sunset

These pictures are necessities for any great Summer photo feed. To truly seem like a Summer photo master, one must wake up at the crack of dawn to get the perfect sunrise photo, then stay up as late as needed to get the glistening sunset. Posting daily pictures of the sun shows everyone else who the real photo master is.


Legs or hot dogs?

Bring back the long-dead trend of taking pictures of only the bottom half of people’s bodies. No one even likes looking at people’s faces anymore, so just point the camera farther down until only the legs are in the shot and go from there. Easy-as-pie, and everyone will think you have truly mastered the essence of Summer by posting pictures of spray-tanned legs.


When all else fails … Photoshop

Let’s face it, some people just do not have what it takes to accomplish photo perfection by only using camera angles and good lighting. For those with no talent whatsoever, they must resort to Photoshop. This gives people the chance to get their perfect Summer photos without having to go outside, or travel or even socialize.