Surviving high school 101

School wears down students, people destroy patience, classwork bleeds students dry, so here’s some tips to get through that dreaded school day.

1.Walk on the right side of the hallway. In ‘Merica, we drive on the right side; it only makes sense to walk on the right side too.

2.Don’t stay up all night watching Netflix. Sure Netflix seems fun, but sleeping makes others seem less irritable and easier to deal with.

3. Avoid crowded hallways, use back stairwells to get around easier, but be careful for secret lovers.

4. Touching people is gross. Do not do that.

5. Walk and talk. Instead of standing along the wall of the library, go inside and read a book.

6. If you’re feeling bad, give someone a compliment, it could make you both happy.

7. Keep snacks in your bag at all times. Hopefully at least one teacher will let you eat in class.

8. Have a morning cup of coffee to get through the day.

9. Get to the lunch lines early because it becomes a gigantic pit of children in a matter of seconds, and don’t be afraid to call out the skippers.

10. Sit in the front of class, separating yourself from distractions can help raise a GPA. Do you want to get into college or not?