Keeping relationships afloat

Having a relationship proves tough, and having a healthy relationship actually requires attention and needs effort that can drain someone.

Just keep in mind not every relationship lasts because really how many high school relationships actually work out?  When a couple actually lasts, they become the ones everyone envies. Here are a few to tips to make singles jealous:

1. Make time to spend with each other. School, work, family and friends take up the day, but making sure to hang out together helps the friendship.

2. Have two new fun and interesting activities to try each month. Trying new and exciting things will keep that playful spark alive.

3. Listen to each other. Communication is key.

4. Surprise each other with little tokens from the heart. This just shows at least someone in the relationship listens to what they like and care. Guys this will score some big points with the ladies.

5. Get the girl flowers, girls love flowers. Getting someone flowers gives off a “I was thinking about you” vibe.

6. Have back-up presents in case you forget an important date. Most people forget an anniversary or birthday, so having spare presents around comes in handy.

7. Never flirt with anyone else. Flirting with someone while having a relationship shows disrespect and ends a lot relationships.

8. Do not sacrifice future plans because the choice of college will separate a couple.

9. Chick-Fil-A makes a great apology.

10. Honestly, no one likes a liar so always keep it honest and truthful.