Fooling around

April Fools’ comes rolling around again and to most people, April 1st will end as a missed opportunity to pull off a clever prank. To avoid missing a chance on the fun, here are some safe and entertaining prank ideas to pull on friends:

Mouse Trap

1. One prank that truly gets on peoples’ nerves involves a seemingly broken computer mouse. Pull off this prank by taping the underside of a computer mouse so that the red light that registers movement gets covered up. This will keep the mouse pointer from moving on the screen. The person pranked will unplug and hit their computer before even realizing that the mouse was taped up.


2.If they figure out the mouse prank too quickly, flip their computer screen upside down  while they are not looking. To do this, hold the ctrl, alt and the down arrow on the keyboard to flip the screen. When they come back, they might have trouble finding a way to flip the screen back around if they are not tech-savvy. To flip the screen back to normal hold ctrl, alt, and the up arrow.

Soaking Surprise

3. A fun but somewhat messy prank to do at home involves taping or rubber banding the trigger on the sink sprayer. After making sure the tape or band holds down the sprayer’s button securely, point the hose towards where someone would stand while using the sink. If a friend or family member tries to wash their hands or the dishes, an unexpected spalshing will come.

Careful not to spill

4. Not all sinks have a sprayer and if making a watery mess remains on the list of April Fools pranks to do, keep reading. Fill two glasses with water and bet a friend they cannot balance the glasses on the back of their hands. When they accept the challenge place their hands on a table palm down and place the glasses of water on top of their hands. When they win the bet, simply leave them alone to figure out a way to remove the glasses of water without making a mess.

Terrible Television

5. Lastly a prank that will really annoy someone involves messing with their TV. Everyone knows a universal remote in the hands of a prankster causes mayhem when someone wants to watch a show, and for that reason doing this prank will not last very long before getting caught with a remote in hand. To keep accusations pointed away, means looking as innocent as possible by using a universal remote phone app such as WatchON. Unfortunately, not all pranksters can pull this off but to those with newer smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 or HTC One, changing the channel will look as innocent as texting. Simply follow the apps on-screen instructions to calibrate the remote and let the pranking begin.

Remember to stay safe, hold in your laughter and happy pranking.