Signing in for addiction

A sense of urgency pulsates throughout the atmosphere as I stumble through the murky, shadow-infested hallway towards the recognizable wooden door to my room. I need it, I need my fix, I need it so bad my palms sweat at the thought. A red, radiant light glows from behind the door. Netflix.

The walls begin to move and the shadows along the corridor begin to dance and laugh at me. Is this real or am I just imagining it? Too much time has passed since I got my last dose, I feel deprived. It’s crazy, how easily addicted I became with my television shows.

It’s seems as if with each episode and movie, I get dragged in just a little bit more. I find myself leaving the house less and becoming more entangled into the juicy plots and characters as if the stories were my own.

It’s become a lifestyle. Whether it’s a good one or not? Let me ask Bree Vandekamp from Desperate Housewives and I’ll get back to you.

Notable shows

The Returned:

The Returned definitely earns a spot on the list of television shows on Netflix everyone needs to watch. A foreign television show, The Returned follows a small town in France where those who have passed away begin to reappear alive years later. The show gives watchers a delicious taste of mystery and confusion, as they wait to find out the logic behind the miracle and see how those who have returned assimilate to the society after resurrection. The new show on ABC, Resurrection, seems to be a more uplifting English version of this astounding, creepy series.