‘Pompeii’ rises from the ashes with Bastille’s new album

When  thinking of Pompeii, one would think about the city burned to the ground by a volcano, but now we think of the single from Bastille’s new album, ‘Bad Blood’.

When a song comes on from the album, people want to get off their butts and jump around the room singing and dancing like a maniac.

The lyrics project the feeling of fearlessness and inspiration. It is like preparing for an adventure. It makes people realize life should not be wasted by doing nothing.

The sounds the songs create almost sound medieval. It sounds so unique that when the first couple of beats come on the radio, its obviously by Bastille.

Bastille does not just use normal rock band instruments, they use computer-made sounds, pianos and violins. They form their mouths in different shapes to make sounds an instrument can not create. In the acoustic versions of the songs, the band uses their hands, arms, and feet to mirror the same beart.

For people who enjoy The Neighborhood and Imagine Dragons will most definitely like Bastille’s music, due to their similar style . However if someone likes Metallica or Led Zeppelin’s style more, then they may not like the kind of music Bastille produces.

An extended 2-disc deluxe version of ‘Bad Blood’, called ‘All This Bad Blood’, recently dropped and is even better than ‘Bad Blood’. I give ‘Bad Blood’ 10 stars out of 5, without a single bad thing to say about this.