Say yes to the prom dress

As a final high school extravaganza, Prom 2014 lurks around the corner and with it comes time for dress shopping.

Prom dress shopping can present itself as a formidable task and at times finding the perfect dress seems impossible. The definition of the perfect dress changes from person to person.

“I look for something that fits my style and my personality,” senior April Hill-Jackson said. “Something that is not a gaudy color and something that not everybody is wearing.”

For this year’s prom, boutiques, bridal shops and department stores commenced the start of prom season by putting out new dress lines and style books.

“I go to like bridal stores or to any place that I see dresses in the windows,” senior L’kyah Dodds-Ross said.

On the other hand, for people who do not want to spend time in stores, online shopping presents itself as another option. However, challenges such as size and fit arise with online shopping due to not physically trying on the dresses.

“I like to find dresses online, but then it sucks because you don’t know if the dress is going to be too small or too big,” senior Brittni Galvan said.

Even though at prom some girls may have the same dress, they stand out by making the dress their own and bringing their personality into it. Girls do this through their accessories, shoes and the way they coordinate colors.

“My personality will show through the details of the dress and the an artsy kind of vibe of the dress,” Hill-Jackson said.

Shopping for a prom dress marks the start of the final memories and lasting experiences of high school. All the small details of finding the perfect dress prove their worth when prom night rolls around.

“Because you are getting the dress you are going to wear for prom, you will always remember how you bought it and what it took to find the perfect one,” senior Nour Louzon said. “And after, you remember yourself wearing the dress and experiencing the fun all over again.”