Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the best pop star of them all

Someone call 911, we’ve got a Justin Bieber impostor who goes by the name of Austin Mahone.

Did former NSYNC member Lance Bass have twins? Mahone has successfully mirrored not only the Bieb’s sound, but the hair and look that made the teen star such a crowd-pleaser.

His latest hit with Flo Rida sounds a lot like Mario’s “Just a Friend” from nearly 11 years ago, intact with more back-up dancers. A bit overproduced, no? As of now this song defines Mahone, and oodles of what today’s adolescents consider music.

If you’re into Bieber galore, you could possibly like Mahone. Those weary of over-the-top, overblown, overbearing chart-topping sound should stick to something like The Lumineers.

At this point there are no expectations for Mahone to shine brighter than Bieber, unless of course Justin Timberlake decides to mentor him. In a few months’ time, you’ll find Mahone on some Disney tour somewhere in Australia like others who have tried to emulate Bieber’s success.

Sure, Mahone may have the talent, but his authenticity remains questionable.

As for his fans, peace out, Mahomies.