Game Characters Turned Movie Stars

Disney’s new video game-based animated comedy “Wreck-It Ralph” revolves around the virtual villain Wreck-It Ralph and his quest to become a hero.

Along his adventure, Ralph sets off a chain of events, leaving his own game and visiting others. He meets characters such as the shooter Sergeant Calhoun and racer Vanellope von Schweetz. It’s up to his home game’s hero, Fix-it-Felix Jr., to bring him back to his world before disaster happens.

The movie in itself creates creative, colorful environments and characters.

Graphics and details display beautifully on the screen: creating realistic mountains of cakes and fearsome plains of doom. The RealD 3D gives a treat to the eye and makes a great addition to the viewing experience.

The quirky characters represent the spirit and theme of their home games, each in their own original and lovable manner.

Everybody will have fun with “Wreck-It-Ralph,” and audiences will laugh at the clever comedy presented by the characters and the entire ingenuity of the whole movie. Even the product placement throughout the movie is ridiculously hilarious.

However, while anybody can enjoy the movie at its core, gamers are the ones who will get the maximum experience out of the whole film.

Many video game puns are employed in both dialogue and actions, such as characters from newer video games moving smoothly and with flow, while the more retro ones have a blocky way of moving, just like the older games.

Famous characters from games old and new also make cameos throughout the whole movie: Sonic the Hedgehog, Bowser, Pacman, even good ol’ Q*bert. This sets a great atmosphere of gaming and goofiness for the entire plot.

Overall, “Wreck-it-Ralph” is a great movie for anyone to watch, gamer or not.