Owl City gains pop sound

Change prevails in Owl City’s fourth album “Midsummer Station.” Adam Young strays from his typical electronic genre for something more mainstream.

Some of what’s different about this album are the instrumental sounds versus the typical synthesized beats. The album features several collaborations, and not just the first single “Good Time” with Carly Rae Jepsen. Young displays a sense of openness with this album by adopting co-writers, and writing lyrics that people can better relate to.

In a press release from Go Moxie, an organization that provides music to school publications, Young discusses anxiety about the thought of having co-pilots, and said it was exhilarating not having 100 percent control over what happened in the end.

“Working with other writers taught me to care about a song as a piece of artwork, created to reach people, versus the final say of having my own way,” Young said.

The process this album went through deviated from his usual one, but allowed Young to write lyrics that people could connect to on a much larger scale. In the end it helped achieve his vision for the album’s feel-good moments.

In addition to “Good Time,” the song “Silhouette,” contained less of the electronic and more instrumental sounds. “Dreams and Disasters,” is another very catchy song featured on the album.

Less is more for this album. Young should continue to relax the electronic sound, and focus on the notion of actually using instruments to produce a more raw sound. Young has a pretty decent voice, he shouldn’t hide behind synthesized sounds and beats.

The album still has the same euphoric tone the previous albums had, making the lyrics and the sound coincide in a rather enchanting way, but still manages to set itself apart from the electronic sound that brought Young’s career where it stands today.

The album’s rhythmic, upbeat sound and relatable, feel-good lyrics make a wonderful, everyday soundtrack. It also gives fans a look at a different side of Young. Fourth time’s the charm for OwlCity.