Bowling team strikes again


Story by: Libby Sullivan, Business Manager

The bowling team held tryouts on Oct. 13, Oct. 15, Oct. 20, Oct. 23 and Oct. 26 at the AMF Willow Bowling Center.

In all, over 40 people tried out for the team, a record for the school. As a result, bowling coach and Algebra II teacher John Henthorn said all the bowling teams had the ability to get filled.

“I’m so excited about this year,” Henthorn said. “I’ve never seen so many people try out.”

Henthorn said more people tried out because of the past success of bowling and because more advertising about the sport occurred around the school and in the Friday video announcements.

“The fact that is went on the Friday announcements is pretty huge,” Henthorn said. “People don’t listen to the announcements most of the time, but the video ones, people want to see that.”

Players on the bowling team must not only give up two days per week for practice, they must also work with other people.

“It’s not about you, it’s about the team,” Henthorn said. “If you don’t do the best you can, it’s not just you suffering, it’s the team.”

The people who made bowling team follow:


Boys Varsity                                                     Girls Varsity

Senior Marc Montes                                             Senior Hannah Freeman

Senior Matt Grammer                                          Senior Chloe Robinson

Senior Lance Losey                                               Senior McKenzie Thomas

Junior Adrian Rivera                                            Senior Tara Autin

Junior Hector Molina                                           Senior Ana Salas

Junior John Martinez                                           Junior Isaya Espinoza

Sophomore Kevin Musick                                    Junior Breanna Derby

Sophomore Cooper Freeman                              Sophomore Michelle Henthorn
Co-ed Junior Varsity

Junior Joe Barber                                                  Junior Calysta Strickler

Junior Seyd Shezen Askari                                  Junior Jovan Brown

Junior Jacob Casas                                                Sophomore Sam Stuchbery

Junior Jakob Trojan                                              Sophomore Jared Craig

Junior Colby Clem                                                 Sophomore Chloe Crawford

Junior Pedro Flores                                               Freshman Makiyah Coinick

Junior Jose Sorto                                                   Freshman Anthony Freire

Junior Miranda Duncan                                       Freshman Ethan Paugh