And the worlds gonna know your name: Freshman football player hopes to become legend

Story by: Maci Smith, Features manager

Playing football for seven years, freshman Derek Craft puts in all his effort to become the best he can throughout his upcoming football career.

Q: What is your position?

A: Middle Linebacker.

Q: Can you tell me about where football will take you?

A: I am hoping it takes me to the NFL or to a great college.

Q: Who or what inspires you to play football?

A: My family, mainly; I just want to be great for them.

Q:What do you enjoy about playing football?

A: I enjoy the contact, competition and just the fact that you have to work hard to the best in the sport.

Q: Is it difficult to juggle school, sports and friends?

A: Not really, because I get my homework done before anything and then I do sports and hang out with my friends.

Q: What are your goals in football?

A: I want to be the best. I want to set records that can’t be broken and possibly be in the hall of fame.

Q: What have you achieved or won throughout your time playing football?

A: I’ve won two AAU [Amateur Athletic Union] All-star game medals, one [Cy-Fair Sports Association] All-star game trophy, an MVP award, Team Leader award, and five other trophies for just being on the team.

Q: Who encourages you most to keep going in your sport? Why?

A: My mom, because she has me doing all these camps and stuff, and she has put me through a lot of teams, so one day I am going to pay her back by making the NFL and getting into a great college.

Q: What colleges are you aiming for?

A: I want to go to University of Oregon, Oklahoma State, Louisiana State University, or Florida State. I should be hearing from them this summer.