Broken records everywhere.

Story by: Hala Khan, Print Editor

The girls’ varsity track team continued to best themselves throughout the year and beat their personal records.

The team trained and prepared from the start of the school year for the competitions and meets that awaited them at the end of the year. Sophomore Jada Ward said the team aimed to be district champions this season.

“[We’re] very confident, we’re very good,” she said. “We put in hard work, we come to practice, we even stay after practice to get better.”

Junior Darrien Johnson said the team broke many of  their personal records.

“We all wanted to perfect our times,” she said. “I’m really proud of myself for reaching all of my personal records this year, and the team as well since it’s something we’ve been working since August.”

Johnson said the girls are quite close and it shows in their performance.

“We’re a really hard working team, and we strive to get better and better,” Johnson said. “We’re like one big family, everyone gets along, there’s not really any problems amongst any of the girls.”

Senior Meia Gordon said with a young and hardworking team, they strive to beat Cy Springs who took number one in the state for relays last year.

“I’m proud of my team, because we all work hard at practice and [when we go] to track meets we represent ourselves well,” Gordon said. “I’m proud of myself as well, but I know I can do better, I know I can do way better than where I am now, just gotta keep working at it.”