Senior places sixth at state


Photo by: aaa

Story by: Libby Sullivan, Reporter

Placing sixth in state, senior Kenny McAleavey competed in the state wrestling competition at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, Feb. 21 and 22.

McAleavey began wrestling at a young age and continued wrestling growing up and throughout high school.

“When I was four I started wrestling,” McAleavey said. “My entire family [wrestled], so I just kept up the [tradition].”

McAleavey goes to wrestling practices during school, after school, and in clubs every day to achieve his athletic capabilities.

“He doesn’t look like some killer wrestler,” wrestling coach Robert Buley said. “But he’s crafty and he’s smart about it and he sets things up and moves really well.”

While the time put into training helped McAleavey place sixth at state, a person also has to do things outside of practice to stay in shape for competitions.

“This is an old expression, ‘wrestling isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle,” Buley said. “If you eat garbage and live off of chips, you’re not going to make it, so it’s a lifestyle, it really is.”

Wrestling not only acts as a sport for students, but also as a social experience and preparation for the future.

“[Wrestling] keeps you in shape,” McAleavey said. “It teaches you that you have to face things by yourself and that most things you have to deal with on your own.”

Placing in state offers many new opportunities to McAleavey such as athletics scholarships and colleges wanting to recruit him.

“Just to get to state is an accomplishment,” Buley said. “But to win a medal at state is serious business so there are going to be colleges knocking at his door.”