All Eyes on Big Blue


Photo by: Evan Harris


For years, the Cy Creek Band has had to rent out trucks and buses in order to load equipment for games and competitions. This all changed in 2019 with the new Cypress Fairbanks ISD grant that gave every band in CFISD a brand new 18-wheeler, fit with their own designs and features to make loading and unloading equipment easier.


In an interview with Mr. Wood, the head band director for Cy Creek, he explained how acquiring “Big Blue” has improved the way the band loads equipment for events. 


“It really makes the loading process very consistent,” Wood said, “It’s really easy that we just have one large vehicle to load with all of our Percussion equipment, Colorguard equipment, and all of our larger brass instruments as well.”


The 18-wheeler includes but is not limited to, a custom designed layout for all the percussion equipment, extra storage space for the colorguard equipment, a “tuba elevator,” a hydraulic lift, LED lights, backup power, solar panels, and an incredible amount of space.


Not only has Big Blue made loading equipment a lot easier for the band, but it also allows them to show up to games and competitions with style. Fit with its own unique design, people will know the Cy Creek Band has arrived.  


“We’re really excited of the pride that we have as we pull into a football game, into a marching contest, so that everyone can see that “Big Blue”, from the Cy Creek marching band is there to play.” Wood said.