New policy to improve fine arts classes

Story by: Sam Billings, Entertainment Editor

Due to an increase in class interruptions, Cy Creek implemented new rules restricting access to the 1800s fine arts hallway during all lunches. The policy, which went into effect at the start of the spring semester, states students not enrolled in a fine arts class cannot use the fine arts bathroom or eat lunch in the hall.

Students must remain in the cafeteria or small commons for the entirety of their lunches to prevent class disturbances during lunches. Head choir director Sharon Paul said the administration wants to minimize any distractions during instructional time.

“We were also wanting to keep positive student learning as our foremost focus,” Paul said.

Band director Brian Drake said that students eating would not be a problem if some [kids] did not leave their trash on the floor or cause disturbances.

“If all students wishing to enter or use this hallway during lunch were model citizens taking pride in our school, there wouldn’t be an issue,” Drake said.  

Sophomore band student Michelle Henthorn said while the new policy does not affect her personally, it can benefit students by providing a safer environment.

“I’m sure there are some consequences students will receive if they choose to disregard the new rules,” Henthorn said.

Paul said the fine arts staff will assist the administration in implementing the new policy.

“We want to thank all students for your help in keeping our school a positive place for learning and being such a fantastic support,” Paul said.