Ready, Set, Read


Story by: Miranda Duncan, Reporter

In order to inspire students to read, the librarians have decided to host a reading challenge created by the online media network PopSugar, ending on May 1.

Librarian Gail Drago looks forward to what contestants will learn from participating in the challenge.

“I hope that they will realize once they’ve engaged in this that there’s such a joy in reading,” Drago said. “You open up a book and you become part of that world.”

Contestants must read at least 12 books that match the topics on the lists available in the library. After finishing a book, the reader writes a review in the library catalog.

“They’re still able to choose their own book, but they have to pair it with one of the 64 categories,” Drago said. “You don’t have to like the book, you can say you didn’t like it and tell why.”

Students who read the 12 books celebrate a pizza party at the end of the contest, and those who read more than 12 are eligible for special prizes.

“There’s going to be books,” Drago said. “I’m hoping for some donations so I can give away a tablet, a Nook or a Kindle.”

Senior Likhitha Kowdeed said she hopes to learn from the reading challenge and to explore the horror genre.

“I want to learn more and I’m new here so I want to learn more English,” Kowdeed said. “So far I’ve read six so I’m sure I can do it.”

For more information about the contest, see Drago in the library.