STAAR Students

Teachers start peer tutoring program for STAAR test

Story by: Miranda Duncan, Reporter

In order to help on-level sophomores pass the English STAAR test, English teachers Charlotte Daggett and Marion Morris founded a peer tutoring program with Horizons students.

The after-school peer tutoring occurs in room 2154 every Tuesday and helps struggling students learn to write better essays for the STAAR test.

“We constantly have pressure as English teachers to make sure our students pass the STAAR the first time,” Daggett said. “Working with us doesn’t seem to be working, so we thought if they worked one-on-one with a peer, that would be a different kind of feeling.”

Morris noticed improvements in her students and hopes the program teaches them confidence in writing.

“When they have a very intelligent student telling them that they’re doing a good job, I think that does wonders for their self esteem and their ability to write,” Morris said. “The tutor is going to calm their fears and give them the confidence that they need.”

Sophomore Paige Kuhn receives help on her essays in order to make a commended score on the STAAR test.

“People who are learning how to write the essays, they’re able to apply their knowledge into words,” Kuhn said. “It’s helping everybody, we’re just one big happy family.”

Sophomore Leann Le tutors the English students on how to write essays that express their own writing style.

“It’s in my nature to want to help people,” Le said. “I just want them to feel better with their style, how they do their vocabulary and how they think of themselves.”

The effects of the peer tutoring on the students’ grades have left the English teachers optimistic about their STAAR scores.

“For the students that come I actually see that look of engagement, they have a foundation now that they can build upon,” Morris said. “They have a special interest now and they’re investing more of themselves.”