Chemistry teachers adopt new testing policy

Story by: Rosalind Williamson, Copy Editor

tyyughuThe Chemistry department adopted a new testing policy this semester in order to help students’ grades.

The department will give students a cumulative test at the end of every grading period in lieu of after-school retakes. The old test policy required students to attend tutorials to retake each of the two unit tests. Due to scheduling conflicts and forgetfulness, however, only one in six of students needing to retake the test did so, resulting in more failing students.

”We understand: not everybody has rides and the buses,” Chemistry teacher Hayley Ask said. “We wanted to find some sort of alternative, and we found this. If it doesn’t work, then of course we’ll go back to the way it was before.”

The new test takes place during class, with only students earning a 90 on both unit tests exempt from the exam. The cumulative test will replace failing test grades. The test only covers information covered on previous tests, therefore not technically a retake.

“We thought, ‘Maybe if we give them an opportunity in class when they’re already here, it can help them,’” Ask said.

Sophomore Pamnoa Rodriguez thinks the new policy puts higher-achieving students at a disadvantage.

“It’s stupid because if I make an A, and I make a B on the second test, I’ll have to take the third test again, even though my average is still passing,” Rodriguez said.

Sophomore Jared Crummey said he expects the new policy to keep him from failing Chemistry.

”It’s gonna be much easier for me, because now I have to focus on one retest instead of just figuring out which test I failed the least,” Crummey said.