First Health Science, Engineering conference held to promote career awareness

Story by: Chloe Trejo, Sports Editor

Health science teacher Cathy Trocquet and architecture teacher Derrick Crowder along with administration organized Cy Creek’s first Health and Engineering Science Student Conference on October 21 and welcomed any student interested in a profession in health science or engineering.

The conference allowed students to learn career paths and other options in their desired field of study. The idea for the conference came after an alumni contacted the school wanting an opportunity to speak to students.

“Mrs.Trujillo received an email from an old Cy Creek student who graduated and he wanted to come and talk to students the whole day,” Trocquet said.  “We thought maybe we could bring in some other people form health science and engineering.”

Throughout the day speakers from the conference came and spoke with students about their future and demonstrated technology like an underwater robot.

“Some kids felt like it helped them learn what they wanted from themselves and their careers,” Crowder said. “It was good to see all the students learning.”