“Standing in the hall of fame”

Story by: Hala Khan, Print Editor

Health Science teacher Cathy Trocquet attended a ceremony on Sept. 22, to celebrate her induction on to the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Wall of Fame for receiving the Texas Health Occupations Association (THOA) Health Science Distinguished Teacher Award.

The Wall of Fame acknowledges those who have received recognition on either a state or national level. Trocquet received the THOA Health Science Distinguished Teacher Award, a lifetime achievement award which made her eligible for induction. Before school started Trocquet received a letter from the superintendent finding out her acceptance onto the Wall of Fame.

“I was really surprised because I really didn’t think that I deserved to be on Wall of Fame,” Trocquet said. “There’s lots of teachers here that to wonderful things and, you know I just do what I do normally, I don’t think its really that fantastic.”

Following the ceremony, Trocquet and her family celebrated together.

“After the ceremony, my husband, myself, my son and his wife, my daughter, and her husband, and my little granddaughter, and my brother-in-law, as a family we all went to dinner,” Trocquet said. “So that’s kind of a big thing for me, when we celebrate and go out to dinner.”

Principal Sandra Trujillo and assistant principal Jenny Landry both attended the Wall of Fame ceremony to support Trocquet.

“Mrs. Trujillo got me these beautiful flowers to wear at the event, and I was the only one out of all the recipients who had flowers,” Trocquet. “So it felt really great, it was really sweet of her.”

Trocquet said the award has not only benefited her but also her department.

“I don’t teach a core class, I teach an elective or career and technology [course],” Trocquet said. “So I am really glad because sometimes people think career and technology isn’t really that difficult of a thing, when it really is so it helped my department, so I’m happy about that.”

Trocquet said getting inducted felt like a sense of accomplishment.

“As a teacher a lot of times you do stuff and you think nobody notices, or this really isn’t making a difference, or I’ve done this all wrong, and then it’s like you know what maybe I did do things that are kind of important and benefits other people,” Trocquet said.