Cy Creek Yell

Story by: Jessica Bott, News Manager

Students and faculty, come support the boys in blue by attending the Cy Creek Yell on Thursday September 11 after the JV football game on the Cougar field.

StuCo President Alec Lintz and Vice President Reilly McGlamery modeled this new tradition after Texas A&M’s own Midnight Yell idea from Texas A&M midnight yell. Primarily for students and underclassmen who do not know the chants and cheers, this gathering is for an opportunity to come out and learn them.

“Texas A&M is full of traditions and everyone is on the same page when it comes time for football so that was kind of our inspiration”, Lintz said.

With the amount of success and attention the student section has garnered, Lintz thought it would be a good idea to have students learn the cheers, so when at football games, the student section continues to thrive.

“My goal is to get students that would not particularly participate at football games, to participate and feel welcomed as much as they can at football games,” Lintz said. “Our school has already built a reputation of having a really good student section so its important in order to keep that going.”

Last year at the rivalry game against Cy Fair, students threw streamers in the air while drumline played the cadence ‘CC’. This year, McGlamery said Stuco has collaborated with Cheer on a new surprise.

“We have another something up our sleeve,” McGlamery said