English teacher plans to impact education

After years of teaching at other schools, Jennifer Morgan is now at Cy Creek as a new English III teacher.

Morgan graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, but it wasn’t until she worked at Broward College that her teaching career began.

“I was working for Broward College when they were in need of a long term substitute, so I was asked. It was the most fun I had at work,” Morgan said.

Morgan has been teaching since 1997 and has since taught English, World Geography, American history, government, and economics.

Most teachers who teach for decades usually have a passion for teaching at a young age, but that was not the case for Morgan.

“I did not want to be a teacher, it never occurred to me,” Morgan said.

Even though Morgan’s original intention was not to become a teacher, her own student experience influenced her decision to commit to teaching.

“The people who influenced my teaching career the most are my former teachers I could not stand,” Morgan said. “They made me want to make education different for my students than it was for me.”

This has influenced the way she teaches students as she tries to find ways to engage students who may not like reading.

“I try to find something they are interested in reading. It can be about games, true crime, auto mechanics, or just about anything,” Morgan said.

Over the course of Morgan’s long teaching career, she has taught at several schools including some out of state.

“I taught at Broward College in Florida, Calvin Nelms Charter School in Houston, Hempstead, and Katy. I also taught at Cypress Springs High School,” Morgan said.

Transitioning to another school can be tough for most teachers, but things are off to a good start for Morgan.

“My time at Creek so far has been supportive and relaxing,” Morgan said.

The impact a teacher has on their students is important. Morgan hopes her students become free thinkers.

“I hope they learn to question everything around them,” Morgan said.