Students, Staff Find Fellowship in Cougars for Christ

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It’s 6:50 a.m. on a Friday morning. While some students are hitting snooze for the third time or barely climbing off the school bus, 20 students gather in room 2213 and begin singing.

After the song is finished, students return to their seats and the club president, Kayla Szul, comes to the front of the classroom to make announcements about upcoming events and this year’s club officers. Following the announcements, the social coordinator goes through a presentation on 1 Corinthians and asks students to discuss questions.

The meeting wraps with members putting prayer requests in a box, grabbing a donut, and heading to their first period class.

Cougars for Christ is a student-run club for Christian students and teachers monitored by Christina Egbuna and co-monitor Brianna Sheen. The meetings are held in room 2213 every Friday at 6:50 a.m.

Because Cougars for Christ is a student-run club, there are officers and a president with their own responsibilities to keep the club running smoothly.

The president of the club, Szul, has the responsibility of leading the officers and picking new officers.

“My main responsibility is to lead the officers as they fulfill their positions and help guide them as they create their messages for Friday morning meetings,” Szul said. “I also have the responsibility of finding new officers at the end of each year to take our positions.”

Students in Cougars for Christ participate in worship, Bible studies, craft competitions, and service opportunities. The activities in Cougars for Christ encourage students to fellowship with one another and learn more about God.

Egbuna believes the main purpose of Cougars for Christ is to bring a group of students and teachers on a journey to becoming the best Christians they can be.

“We are imperfect people being sanctified by a daily mission to deny our flesh and show love in action to our neighbor,” Egbuna said.

One of the main activities the club is built on is Bible study, and Egbuna hopes to participate this year.

“I hope I’m able to lead a Bible study on the Book of Jude this year,” Egbuna said.

A big event in the Cougars for Christ club is the Wednesday Revival. During these recurring meetings, a guest speaker presents a lesson after members have snacks and worship. Following the message by the guest speaker, the event closes with games and prizes.

Szul hopes to be the speaker at a Wednesday Revival this year.

“This year I would like to have a revival where I teach students how to share the Gospel with others,” Szul said.

The games and prizes at the end of a Wednesday Revival are some of Szul’s favorite memories over her four years in the club.

“My favorite memories in Cougars for Christ are made towards the end of each [Wednesday] revival because we play games, get to know each other, and get to laugh and unwind together,” Szul said.

The first Wednesday Revival of the school year was scheduled to occur Sept. 14 but was canceled. The next Wednesday Revival is expected to take place Wednesday, Nov. 16 after school.

The games and activities with other members is an important part of Cougars for Christ and what makes it special to its members. As a result, Egbuna plans on creating more engaging activities for members of the club.

“I hope I can create a scavenger hunt or a breakout activity this year,” Egbuna said.

Mixing in a breakout activity helps the club achieve its goal of fellowship while matching the theme of the club.

Cougars for Christ’s main objective is to provide a community for Christian students at Cy Creek and that’s what made the club appealing for Szul.

“I joined Cougars for Christ to be a part of a Christian community at school to help encourage me to grow in my faith and spread God’s word,” Szul said.

This is why members get up early for a 6:50 a.m. meeting every Friday while most people are just getting ready for school, or attend after school meetings on the second Wednesday of every other month while most are getting off the bus.. Cougars for Christ provides a community for Christian students and teachers to participate in while also having fun events and Bible studies to help members’ faith.