State of the Art: Club


Photo by: Erica Chaikin

Anyone who knows Mrs. Chaikin knows how passionate she is about art. Due to this passion, Chaikin started a Cy Creek Art Club for all to join.

Many people might think that since they cannot draw or are not too creative, they cannot be in an art club. Chaikin created the art club in order for students to overcome the thought that they cannot “art.”

Art club is about expanding one’s mind and seeing what they can create while using a part of their brain they have not used in a while, or ever before. Mrs. Chaikin accepts all students, no matter their talents.

“Just grab people. I don’t care if they’re good at art or not, bring them in,”  Chaikin said in a recent meeting.

Art Club meets every Wednesday from 2:55 to 3:30 p.m.

During that time different events are planned, new projects are created, and a social atmosphere where everyone is welcome drifts through the air.

The most recent project Art Club finished was custom pins for the school lanyards.

Art Club has big plans, with the possibility of selling at the Fall Festival, doing face paintings locally, and offering commission pieces to the student body.

Art Club does not discriminate against members’ levels of ability, as they can grow as a beginning artist, or if they are experienced, pick up new techniques needed in the field.

Aside from adding an addition club to Creek’s offerings, the Art Club also operates in conjunction with the National Art Honor Society. Students can list this distinction on college applications and, if they are looking for a career in art, on resumes.

If you need even more information, you can join Chaikin’s remind: @cc-artclub to 81010

Chaikin is waiting for anyone and everyone to join the art club. Join now and become better as a student artist!