From Computer Screens to Classroom seats: The Online to In-person Transition

online meeting - 2017 by dt4lt is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“online meeting – 2017” by dt4lt is licensed under CC BY 2.0

After the first grading period, students had the opportunity to change learning methods. For example, if a student was doing online schooling, they had the option to change their learning method to attend in-person school, and vice versa.
Students Jenna Parker (10) and Alexander Bazan (9) were two of the many students who switched from virtual schooling to face-to-face. The students were asked about their thoughts on returning to school.

How do you feel about being back in-person?
Parker: “I feel okay about being back in-person. I don’t really mind [ switching] between online and in-person, because both have their own pros and cons. The biggest con for in-person would be the spread of the virus, which is definitely a little worrying.”
Bazan:”I feel better about being back at in-person school, because as someone who gets distracted easily I find it’s much better for my grades to just be back in-person.”

What are your opinions on the safety precautions?
Parker: “I think the safety precautions are very necessary in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, I have seen many students who don’t follow the safety precautions which worries me.”
Bazan:”I think it’s alright. It’s not too bad. The safety precautions don’t matter to me much as it does to others.”

How did it feel seeing your teachers in class instead of over a Zoom meeting?
Parker: “I like seeing my teachers in-person because I’m able to interact with them.”
Bazan:”It definitely felt better seeing them in-person versus a Zoom call, because I experienced a lot of lag on the calls.”

How does in-person learning compare to learning online?
Parker: “While doing online learning, I was very unmotivated and lazy. I was constantly
distracted and didn’t understand the material as well as I could’ve, but with in-person learning I understand the material a lot better because I am able to pay attention.”
Bazan: “It feels much better to learn in person because I’m more inclined to actually pay attention.”

Which is easier for you, learning in person or online?
Parker: “In-person is easier for me because I am able to focus and stay more motivated than at home.”
Bazan: “Learning in-person is better because I don’t have to worry about Zoom calls and technological difficulties.”

Which do you prefer, being online or in-person?
Parker: “With online, I had a lot more time to myself but I think I prefer in-person because it helps me stay productive.”
Bazan:”I prefer in-person over online. I missed being able to interact with my friends, and I was pretty bored at home.”

How did it feel to finally see your friends?
Parker: “It felt good to finally see some of my friends for the first time since spring break last year.”
Bazan:”It felt great seeing my friends. I haven’t seen them for a while so it was nice to see them again.”

With all the changes that the pandemic had caused this year, the 2020-2021 school year will certainly be one to remember. Even though this year may feel difficult to get through and not exactly ideal, staying optimistic and making the best of this year is key.