Carving Through the Night


Photo courtesy of Chloe O’Dell

COVID-19 has had an effect on almost everything imaginable this year. School years were cancelled, sports seasons were put on hold, and most recently experienced, holidays are no longer celebrated to the extent they once were. Halloween, a holiday known for its immense amount of social interaction and festivities, will have to be celebrated differently amidst the pandemic. Despite different celebrations, the students at Cypress Creek have invented new ways to celebrate the holiday while still remaining safe.

Ian Truong (11) plans to spend the holiday helping his community.

“For Halloween I will be volunteering through the Interact club at an event called the pumpkin patch. I’m going with a few of my friends and we are signed up to help at a petting zoo. I’m super excited to go, not only to hang out with my friends but to help the community,” Truong said.

Truong also plans to spice up the event by wearing colorful wigs with his friends to the event. The idea for this came from TikTok where dancing videos of people in different colored wigs started to become popular on the app.

“My friends and I thought it would be fun to wear crazy colored wigs to the event because it looked like a lot of fun. We went shopping last week and I ended up getting a long light blue wig. It will for sure make everything a lot more comedic,” Truong laughed.

Also planning to celebrate Halloween in a safe way, Amy Ventura (10) looks forward to spending the day with her friends.

“This year for Halloween my four close friends and I will be hanging out at my house watching Halloween movies, making cookies, and passing out candy to any trick or treaters that stop by,” Ventura said.

Ventura recognizes the safety concerns of the holiday and plans to take precautions to limit the spread of the virus.

“All of the candy we plan to pass out has been sanitized and will be passed out with gloves on to ensure everything is sanitary and safe to eat. We want to take as many precautions as possible to limit any chances of the spread of COVID-19,” Ventura said.

Despite safety restrictions causing Halloween to look a little different this year, Ventura won’t let the pandemic kill her Halloween spirit.

“Halloween is one of the many holidays that will be different than what we’re used to due to the circumstances we are in. However, we can still find a way to enjoy it and have fun,” Ventura said.