Lights Go Out For Creek


Photo by Cypress Creek Yearbook

Rival week has arrived at Creek, but a few things had to change this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Usually around this time students get excited not only for the rival game, but for the biggest pep-rally of the year–The Lighting of the CC’s.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions, the well loved tradition will not take place at Pridgeon Stadium. Silverado Lt. Colonel Karlie Goemmer (12) when asked how she felt about the pep-rally not taking place she commented.

 “I was really sad about it because it was our last one. Our first one was also cancelled, so like I’m really sad about it and it was our last Silvie pep-rally performance. I wish it was happening, but I understand that it can’t,” said Goemmer.

Fellow classmate, Natalia Obregon (12) gave her opinion on how the loss of Lighting of the CC’s affected school spirit. 

“There’s nothing to look forward to, you know that’s the big pep-rally. You know it brings a lot of school spirit, now we don’t have that,” said Obregon.

In spite of this, Creek will still have its full week of fun dress-up days that the cheer team came up with. Throughout the week students still tried to show school spirit. With many alien sightings on Monday to a rootin’ tootin’ Tuesday. While on wacky Wednesday students showed off their quirky sides, and on Thursday it was hard to see students since they were decked out in camo. Finally on Friday, Cy Creek became a sea of black.

Despite the traditional Lighting of the CC’s not being held this year, you can still show school spirit by attending the big game this Saturday at Pridgeon Stadium 1:00 PM.