Make a Wish


“I’m making a wish today…” by smkybear is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Cy Creek Senior Ethan Hughes learned he had leukemia on September 9th of his junior year in high school, he had to leave school and start chemotherapy to treat his Leukemia. Hughes life completely changed as he worked to complete his treatment.


“The chemotherapy was very hard,” Hughes said. “I just laid around and felt bad all day.” Hughes had to change his routine to fit his current life style. He spent nearly 9 months away from all his normal activities and friends.


The Make-A-Wish foundation granted Hughes one wish: to meet Deshaun Watson. Watson happily welcomed Ethan as if he was his own teammate. He got his own locker, talked to Deandre Hopkins, and got to play catch with his favorite player. Watson felt an instant connection to Hughes due to his own mother battling tongue cancer.


“The sky is the limit” Hughes said. “Going through this, I know I can do anything. With the power of God I can do anything, too”. Hughes has completed his Leukemia treatment and returned to Cy Creek to complete his senior year. Hughes has had a blast this year working for Cougar Productions. He is an anchor for Cougar Productions where he talks about topics going on in school and create highlights reels of the schools sports team. He has started his production for UIL where they submit short films for competition. Ethan Hughes return to Cy-Creek felt special after the year of isolation of his chemotherapy.


“The beginning may be very hard,” Hughes said. “But there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel and you will get through it.”