Theater Escape Room


Photo by: Evan Harris

Friday November 1, and Saturday November 2, Cy Creek Drama Club held an escape room adventure as a fundraiser to raise money for their theater banquet. This year the escape room had two themes, Shipwreck and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In Shipwreck, visitors have to make their way through a sunken ship, before they get trapped. Alternatively, Texas Chainsaw required more intuition as participants must try and escape a killer before the killer catches them.


A lot of work went into the creation of this escape room, and part of the charm came from the actors such as Andres Carbonell, who lead the Texas Chainsaw Massacre room.


“It was exhausting, but it was worth it,” Carbonell said. “Just being able to watch all the reactions from the people that came into the escape room, it was fascinating, I loved it.”


The escape room achieved success, the Theater Department raised about $450, people lined up at the chance to visit this escape room, including sophomore, Carlin Denney.


 “The escape room was a very cool experience,” Denney said. “The room was designed very nicely, and the puzzles were really cool to figure out. I’m glad I got to go through this with my friends.”