Thanksgiving Traditions

The fourth Thursday of November approaches closer every day which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Traditions are abundant during this time because every family celebrates this holiday differently. The time to gather around the table and enjoy family, friends, and food really holds the meaning of Thanksgiving.

    From mother’s casserole to grandma’s macaroni and cheese, everyone has their ways of celebrating this holiday. Expressing gratitude lies within the purpose of certain Thanksgiving traditions and each family holds distinct ways of celebrating.

Senior Eva Treviño said that Thanksgiving holds a place in her heart because she gets to spend time with her family who lives away.

“It is important to me to spend time with my grandmother and family in Brownsville so we can catch up,” Treviño said. “It’s always nice to visit my grandmother.”

Earth and Space Science teacher, Jill Burkey, said she values the importance of Thanksgiving and the cooking traditions.

“My family likes to cook,” Burkey said. “We have some family dishes we have had since I was a kid and I love that my daughter will get to continue the tradition of family and food.”

As Thanksgiving nears, most people think of the amazing food that they will consume and soon crash on the couch too, but spending time with family practicing traditions from earlier generations proves the worth.

“[My mom] loves to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20 family and friends,” Burkey said. “Just like my grandma did before and I guess what I would do when I have a bigger family.”