Hype for Vype


Photo courtesy of Cameron Maxwell

High school athletes will take practically any recognition they can get, national or local. Millions reside across the nation, and each one wants to distinguish themselves from the pack. Vype Magazine provides in-depth coverage of high-school sports across the nation. They have featured Cy Creek already this year for football and volleyball, and now boys basketball gets its turn in the public eye.

Nate Martin exemplifies a few of the many boys receiving the spotlight. Martin recently hurt his foot for the third time in three years, but he has proven himself as one of the best basketball players Cy Creek has to offer. He has done this throughout the school by virtue of his on-court play.

“I think we’ll do well, we have a good team,” Martin said. “We have a really strong class of juniors and seniors.”

However, student athletes need more resources in order to gain the attention of others. If the severity of Martin’s injury had sidelined him for longer, it would not have mattered how well his on-court presence was.

“It is good to have some publicity to get the team out there and have more opportunities, but that is not the main focus,” Martin said. “The main focus is winning, and playing better as a team.”

Vype magazine attracts 1 million readers each month, according to the Circulation Verification Council Audit. They also host local events around the Houston Area, which remains a perfect opportunity for scouts to bring a college-bound student’s dream to fruition.  

These present just a few of the reasons why rare opportunities like this help students that want to play college sports, or simply get their name recognized within the community. All the focus should not be placed on publicity, a majority should be placed on working, winning, and cooperation. Varsity basketball player David Favorite said he does not believe in taking all the credit for himself.

It is definitely a team accomplishment,” Favorite said. “The guys that have been here before me have paved the path for me in this program for us to be where we are today.”